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Irrespective of your company size and corporate magnitude or how effectively your organization is operated, your business could face a significantly devastating, shocking claim from an unexpected event. Such an event could be a delivery person tripping in your business or rental property, or a slip or fall by a client in your office that can leave your organization liable for medical costs as well as other damages.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Delivers Extra Protection to Your Business

Keeping your company optimally insured is typically one of the most critical financial decisions that you can make as a business owner. However, when you lack necessary amount of coverage, then your existing policy may not be enough to render all essential protected imperative for situations that can harm your finances, or even jeopardize your operations.

A Commercial Umbrella Insurance from Wealthguard Insurance Group can protect your business as well as company assets in the unexpected event that your organization gets sued in a critical lawsuit.

A typical Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy provides your company with extra coverage should a major accident or lawsuit exceed your existing, or underlying Auto, General, or other business liability policy’s limits. Also, your business can also get coverage against an incident occurring outside of your coverage parameters.

Affordable Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Wealthguard Insurance Group Represents several insurance companies with reliable brands you know and trust. Keeping in mind your best interest, our accredited and licensed agents will find and guide you to the most suitable Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy that best meets your need. We will present to you your very local options tailored to your requirements without any bias. What you have to do is simply finalize your decision and enjoy the savings.

Providing you the best Commercial Umbrella Insurance prices is actually quite simple. Unlike other agents offering you policies from simply one company, our agents are quite ‘Non-Captive’ and can get you a wide range of policy quotes from multiple carriers as well as multiple insurance companies.

Major, critical lawsuits are typically the consequence of accidents occurring on or off the business premises. Here are some examples of events and situations where a Commercial Umbrella Insurance can protect your company:

  • Accidental slips or falls on your property
  • Libel, invasion, or slander of privacy
  • A carbon monoxide leak in your building
  • When one of your business products causes illness or injury
  • In case your company vehicle is involved in an accident
  • Violations of Employment Practices Liability
  • When a fire in your company building damages other property

As accidents do occur and lawsuits can be costly, one can never be too diligent with their coverage options. Therefore at Wealthguard Insurance Group, our supportive insurance professionals will work with your business’s unique needs to determine a level of protection solution that effectively keeps you as well as your operations secure. For further information, call 832-930-3827

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